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Curiosity of a journalist, heart of a teacher.

Curiosity of a journalist, heart of a teacher.

Janet Simpson, RDA is an enthusiastic speaker and consultant specializing in dental radiography.

SheĀ enjoys using her clinical and teaching experience to build others up. Helping auxiliaries gain access to education and experience higher job satisfaction is one of her highest objectives.

With experience in both general and pediatric dentistry, Janet has enjoyed her roles as dental assistant, clinic coordinator, and team trainer. She is also an experienced trainer in regulatory compliance and infection control requirements.

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Dynamic Presentations

Next Level Radiography:

Improve the Diagnostic Quality of Your Radiographs

You don’t have to accept poor quality images that reflect foreshortening, cone cuts, missing apices and closed contacts. Gain the skills and knowledge you need to expose diagnostic quality images while improving patient comfort.

Course Description
Infection Control for Dental Professionals

Infection Control for Dental Professionals

How can you be sure your dental practice is not only compliant but also effective in stopping the spread of disease? In this interactive course, participants will harness the power of habit to make practical and lasting improvements to disinfection and sterilization routines.

Course Description

California Dental Practice Act

Why do we have laws such as the California Dental Practice Act? What’s the point? This course will provide an overview of the laws and regulations that govern the practice of dentistry in California, discuss the agencies that implement the regulations, and focus on the scope of duties for dental auxiliaries.

Course Description

“If you want a real catalyst for lasting, positive change, Janet Simpson is your clear choice!

If you want a speaker that makes your people feel good after the speech, there are hundreds of good speakers out there to choose from; go get one. But if you want your people to be feeling good and making positive changes for weeks and months and years after, then Janet Simpsons your simple choice. She truly is someone who motivates your people to stop, think, analyze and change. She leaves an incredibly uplifting impact on her audiences. Your people will truly thank you for bringing Janet into their lives and delivering such needed information.”

– Chris Ippolito, San Diego Dental Convention, Owner

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