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In our heart of hearts each of us wants to do our job well.  When we excel in our job performance we have a feeling of satisfaction, and meaning.  It feels great!  On the other hand, when we know we’ve done our job poorly we have a feeling of shame, frustration and insecurity. 

There are a variety of training programs out there, and they produce a variety of results.  No one exits their training with it all figured out.  We all need to continue to develop, but where can you turn for help with job skills once you have graduated. 


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Mrs. Simpson is the most encouraging, friendly and motivating teacher I've ever had.  She truly does everything in her power to help her students.  She helped me tremendously!

M. Montes

J. Torres

Best class I've ever taken.  No yawning.  No checking the time.  Literally the best class I've ever taken!

Mrs. Simpson treats each student with respect and genuinely cares about each of us. She articulates and demonstrates the material well and makes it fun.

S. Davis

Helped my staff.  Best radiography course!  Good job Janet!

T. Le DDS.

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Next Level Radiography 

Obtaining diagnostic quality dental x-rays is  easier said than done. Crowded arches, tender tori, chubby cheeks, pushy tongues and sensitive gag reflexes can make taking them very challenging!   Don't lose hope. Excellent x-rays are absolutely within your abilities.  Let Janet show you how X-ray vision can be your super power!

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2 hour California Infection Control Protocol

This course will help you appreciate the importance of disease prevention.  You’ll take a fresh look at your own routines and consider new habits to implement.

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8 hour California Infection Control Course

This course will lead you on a journey of discovering the major microscopic pathogens that threaten the health of our patients, co-workers and ourselves.  With a firm understanding of the cycle of disease transmission you learn the importance cognitive and behavioral steps to preventing the spread of disease in the dental setting.  

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