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Dive deep into your development with personalized guidance.

Dive deep into your development with personalized guidance.

Dental x ray coaching with Janet Simpson

No person is an expert in every aspect of dentistry. There is always something to be learned. Yet, it can be challenging to find a safe person to learn from.

A person may feel too embarrassed to ask a question, because it makes them feel vulnerable. Sometimes office politics may be a factor. Dental Fundamentals C.E. was created to be a safe place for you to have your questions answered. Sometimes there is more than one right answer. In those situations we will explore the best options for your situation.

We take a team approach to infection control, inviting questions, listening to each member of the team, and opening it up for discussion. Each dental practice is set up differently, what may work in one setting may not in another. There are many hard and fast rules that must be followed. However, there are some infection prevention practices that can be customized to your situation.

In the wake of the pandemic many dental offices are facing unprecedented challenges finding employees.

The right fit for your office may have a wonderful personality, is organized, conscientious and cares for your patients well. But they need more training than you are able to provide.

That’s where Dental Fundamentals comes in. We provide coaching specific to your needs and we meet you right where you are.

With experience in general and pediatric dentistry Janet Simpson has over 12 years clinical experience, and over 10 years educating dental assistants. Darlene McCarthey, an RDAEF has over 40 years of clinical experience. We can guide your ideal fit to perform their allowable duties well. We are located in San Diego, California and consult nationally.

Coaching Programs


Package A: 

  • The 2-hour infection control course to fulfill the mandated requirement for license renewal
  • A tour of the office, to assess your current situation and answer your questions
  • A written infection control protocol customized specifically for your office
  • Customized maintenance logs
  • Continuing Education Units for the time spent in learning

Package B: 

  • A tour of the office with your infection control officer providing an assessment and answering questions
  • With your infection control officer we produce a written infection control protocol which fulfills the DBC requirement, and is useful for training new staff
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  • We evaluate some of your recent X-rays and identify any recurring errors, or issues that can be improved upon
  • We’ll review the sensor holding devices you currently use and make recommendations if needed
  • We use photos, videos, diagrams, models, and demonstrations to help you conceptualize the process of obtaining diagnostic quality radiographs
  • If a friend or co-worker is available, we will guide you as you practice placing the sensor and aiming the PID without exposing the radiographs
  • If they are eligible for radiographs, we can conclude the session by taking a full mouth series on that person

We focus primarily on dental assistants, however many hygienists have benefited from our coaching in dental radiography.

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Providing 1:1 coaching to individuals or small groups is one of our favorite services to offer. We learn your specific goals and challenges, and work with you to surmount them.

We coach primarily infection control and dental radiography.  We are also happy to coach in basic dental assisting skills, such as suctioning, tips for a complete tray set up, taking alginate impressions, pouring and trimming models, fabricating temps, and other aspects of dental assisting that you may wish to improve in. 

We will listen to your questions, observe what you are currently doing, provide instruction demonstrations and help you take your skills to the next level.  This is particularly useful for the unlicensed dental assistant who is trained on the job.

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Book a complimentary consultation with Janet today!

We can customize a coaching program to your specific needs.

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Book a complimentary consultation with Janet today!

We can customize a coaching program to your specific needs.

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