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Online courses for improving your dental knowledge, competence, and confidence.

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 Let Janet show you how X-ray vision can be your super power!

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2-hour California Dental Practice Act Course

Refresh your understanding of the statues and regulations that govern dentistry in California.

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2-hour California Infection Control Protocol

Take a fresh look at your routines and consider new habits to implement.

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8-hour California Infection Control Protocol

Discover the major microscopic pathogens that threaten the health of our patients, co-workers and ourselves.

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Professional development is a never-ending process.

Depending on the team culture in your workplace, some coworkers are happy to help us continue to develop.  Others ... not so much.  Competition, office politics and other toxic dynamics can make us feel cut off from the training we need to improve.  We feel perpetually trapped to perform our jobs at a lower standard with no help in sight. 

That is the reason I formed Dental Fundamentals Continuing Education to make comprehensive, fundamental information readily available to anyone at a reasonable price.  No more knowledge hiding, Let competence, confidence and self respect define you. 

You are among friends here.

I want you to feel put up, not put down, indispensable, not disposable. Instead of feeling devalued, I want you to feel bevalued. I respect and value you for the kindness, hard work and skill you bring to the patients and I want to give you every opportunity to grow to your fullest capacities.  Every class I provide is designed to meet your needs, to give you a comprehensive understanding of the subject and fill in the skills and knowledge gaps you may have. 

This is a space where you can receive help free from criticism.  Ask questions. Is there anything else you need help with? Let me know, and I will turn it into a video, blog post, or an affordable course. You are among friends here. You are BEVALUED.


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