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2-hour California Dental Practice Act

Refresh your understanding of the statues and regulations that govern dentistry in California.

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This course gives the students an overview of the laws and regulations that govern the practice of dentistry in California. It introduces the agencies that write and implement the regulations. It also focuses on the licensure requirements for all license types and scope of permitted duties for dental auxiliaries. In addition, the students will learn how the Access to Care situation in California affects the ever evolving Dental Practice Act.

Who is this course for?

This class is for every member of the dental team, the licensed as well as the unlicensed members of the dental team.

Regulations are always evolving and the changes can sneak up on a seasoned dental professional. So, this course is beneficial for those who are just beginning their career in dentistry, and those who have been in the dental field for decades. Both groups will benefit from this course which focuses on the fundamentals of the Dental Practice Act, as well as the newer developments.

What you will learn:

The participants will refresh their understanding of the California Dental Practice Act.

  • The agencies that oversee and regulate the dental profession
  • The ethical bedrock from which our laws are derived
  • The pathways to licensure and the requirements to retain your license
  • The permitted duties for each dental auxiliary license type
  • A window into the enforcement activity of the Dental Board
  • Mandated reporting duties

2-hour California Dental Practice Act

2-Hour Online Course • Receive 2 CE
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Once you access the course, watch the videos. Every so often there will be opportunities to comment. Please make a short comment so that I can verify your active participation in the course. Once you complete the videos you will take a short course survey. When it is submitted, you will receive your certificate via email.

This course meets the Dental Board of California license renewal requirement for the mandated course on the dental practice act.



Combining the curiosity of an investigative journalist with the heart of a teacher, Janet Simpson, RDA is an enthusiastic educator.

Janet enjoys using her clinical and teaching experience to build others up. Helping auxiliaries gain access to education and experience higher job satisfaction is one of her highest objectives.

Janet’s vision for her training company, Dental Fundamentals C.E., is to stay abreast of changes, study challenges, uncover solutions, and connect the learner to increased knowledge and skill. Janet has been recognized as an exemplary online instructor by San Diego Mesa College where she worked as an adjunct instructor for 5 years.

With experience in both general and pediatric dentistry, Janet has enjoyed her roles as dental assistant, clinic director, and team trainer. She is also an experienced trainer in regulatory compliance and infection control requirements.

Janet is passionate about supporting the underserved. She enjoys her work as Clinic Coordinator of Cura Smiles, providing pro bono oral healthcare to those in need in the heart of San Diego.

2-hour California Dental Practice Act

2-Hour Online Course • Receive 2 CE
Get Immediate Access for $50