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8-Hour California Infection Control Protocol

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The 8-Hour Infection Control Protocol Course provides the essential knowledge and skills for anyone who would like to work as a dental assistant in the dental office.

Covid-19 makes it abundantly clear the devastating effects germs can have, but it’s just one. Working in the human mouth puts you in contact with trillions of microscopic organism many are pathogens. Our job is to stop the transmission of those germs to our next patient, our co-workers and ourselves. 

This course provides a clear understanding of the 24 Minimum Standards for Infection Control mandated by the Dental Board of California. It provides the essential knowledge and skills to prevent disease transmission for anyone beginning their career as a dental assistant. It’s really priority #1. We explain the impact each of the microscopic pathogens (not just Covid-19) has made on the dental profession. The students learn how to interrupt the cycle of disease transmission.

It is best to learn in context, during the practical portion of the course, we go through a faux composite filling procedure.  Infection control protocol will be highlighted for each procedure. 

The course is composed of 4 hours lecture and 4 hours of practical experience.

The lab/ pre-clinical and clinical portion of the course is designed to establish excellent infection prevention habits.
The in-person portion of the course will be conducted at:

Cura Smiles Dental Clinic
4101 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92105

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for unlicensed dental assistants that are being trained on the job. According to the current regulations set forth in the California Dental Practice Act, the 8 hour Infection Control course is required within the first year of employment.  This course fulfills that requirement.

8-Hour California Infection Control Protocol

Online Course with an In-Person Component in San Diego, CA
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"Just what I needed to improve."

M. Flores

“Janet is very clear in explaining this topic. Great videos and illustrations to help us understand. I really enjoyed her seminar.”

N. Jones

“Excellent! The speaker was great! Very informative - not boring. I felt updated on the law.”

B. Lansing



Part of Janet Simpson's role at Cura Smiles Dental Clinic is to train undergraduate pre-dental students in infection control so they are able to safely volunteer as dental assistants.

Combining the curiosity of an investigative journalist with the heart of a teacher, Janet Simpson, RDA is an enthusiastic educator, speaker, and consultant.

Janet enjoys using her clinical and teaching experience to build others up. Helping auxiliaries gain access to education and experience higher job satisfaction is one of her highest objectives.

Janet’s vision for her training company, Dental Fundamentals C.E., is to stay abreast of changes, study challenges, uncover solutions, and connect the learner to increased knowledge and skill. Janet has been recognized as an exemplary online instructor by San Diego Mesa College where she worked as an adjunct instructor for 5 years.

With experience in both general and pediatric dentistry, Janet has enjoyed her roles as dental assistant, clinic director, and team trainer. She is also an experienced trainer in regulatory compliance and infection control requirements.

Janet is passionate about supporting the underserved. She enjoys her work as Clinic Coordinator of Cura Smiles, providing pro bono oral healthcare to those in need in the heart of San Diego.

8-Hour California Infection Control Protocol

Online Course with an In-Person Component in San Diego, CA
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